Patti-cake Daycare Center

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Patti-cake Daycare Center

165 Elm Street
Everett, MA 02149 [ Get Directions ]
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Patti-cake Daycare Center
Patti-cake Daycare Center

School Mission/Statement

The care and education of developing pre-school/kindergarten children is a common goal between Patti-Cake Day Care Center and our children's parents. This forms the bridge between the home and school/center. Involvement and cooperation of all concerned in this program is greatly emphasized.

Young children coming to our center are in a formative stages therefore impressions they receive are vivid and tend to be lasting ones. The condition of our facility along with the experiences and staff provided to them are vitally important.

Therefore, Patti-Cake's Curriculum for today's children must reflect the world of today helping children in the future. The program at Patti-Cake will be to foster the needs of a child's growth and development intellectually, emotionally socially and physically by projecting several different types of curriculum models and applying the best motivating aspect of each to them achieve a specific goal, with hands on experience.

School Headmaster

Patti Battaglia

School Details

  • Enrollment: < 250
  • Grades & Tuition:
    1. Early Childhood Contact School
    2. Pre-K (Half Day) Contact School
    3. Pre-K (Full Day) Contact School
    4. Kindergarten (Full Day) Contact School
  • Financial Aid: No
  • Scholarships: No
  • Sex: Co-Ed
  • Dress Code: No
  • Boarding: No
  • Location Type: Suburban
  • Private Special Education: No
  • Offers Summer Programs: No
  • Religions:
    1. Christian
  • Programs & Enrichments:
    1. Afterschool Program
    2. Agricultural Studies
    3. Computers
    4. Foreign Language
    5. Music
    6. Physical Fitness
    7. Social Skills

School Documents

  • Downloadable Documents:
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