Beacon High School

School Profile

Beacon High School

917 Belmont Street
Watertown, MA 02472 [ Get Directions ]
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Beacon High School
Beacon High School

School Mission/Statement

Our Mission:
Walker transforms the lives of children and youth who are dealing with complex emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges, by partnering with these children and youth, their families, and communities to nurture hope, build strengths, and develop lifelong skills.

School Headmaster

Mary Howard, Ed.M

School Details

  • Enrollment: < 250
  • Grades & Tuition:
    1. 9th grade Contact School
    2. 10th grade Contact School
    3. 11th grade Contact School
    4. 12th grade Contact School
  • Financial Aid: No
  • Scholarships: No
  • Sex: Co-Ed
  • Dress Code: No
  • Boarding: No
  • Location Type: Suburban
  • Private Special Education: Yes
  • Offers Summer Programs: No
  • Religions:
    1. Non-Denom.
    2. Nonsec.
  • Programs & Enrichments:
    1. Community Service
    2. Computers
    3. Creative Writing
    4. Music
    5. Photography
    6. Physical Fitness
    7. Yearbook

School Documents

  • Downloadable Documents:
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School Application(s)

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