Cortelyou Early Childhood Center

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Cortelyou Early Childhood Center

1110 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11218 [ Get Directions ]
Administrative Director: Sophia Francis (718) 282-6077 Add to Favorites School Search
Cortelyou Early Childhood Center

School Mission/Statement

CECC is a premier childcare center located in Flatbush Brooklyn. We have been serving the children in the community for over 30 years. We take pride in providing the children with a stimulating and integrated curriculum, along with social awareness. We believe that hard work leads to success, and we strive to foster an environment where all essential parts of the community are involved with the education process.

School Details

  • Enrollment: 250-500
  • Grades & Tuition:
    1. Early Childhood Contact School
    2. Pre-K (Half Day) Contact School
    3. Pre-K (Full Day) $5900
    4. Kindergarten (Half Day) Contact School
    5. Kindergarten (Full Day) $5900
    6. 1st grade $5300
    7. 2nd Grade $5300
    8. 3rd grade $5300
    9. 4th grade $5300
    10. 5th grade $5300
  • Financial Aid: No
  • Scholarships: No
  • Sex: Co-Ed
  • Dress Code: No
  • Boarding: No
  • Location Type: Urban
  • Private Special Education: No
  • Offers Summer Programs: Yes
  • Religions:
    1. Nonsec.
  • Programs & Enrichments:
    1. Afterschool Program
    2. Summer Programs

School Documents

  • Downloadable Documents:
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Admissions Process

We appreciate your interest in our school and hope by visiting our website you will learn a little more about our school's admissions and enrollment procedures: Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions.

For information about applying to our pre-school program, please visit or contact our Main Office at (718) 282-6077 or by email at

For information about applying to grades one through five, please visit or contact our Academy Office at (718) 421-9581 or by email at


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